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Jessica's New Billboard

Jessica's new billboard near Greenwood High School.

Jessica's Father's Day Card to Ben Matlock

Click the card to the left to see Jessica's card to her father, Ben. The card was given to Ben June 19th 2005, one day before Jessica's accident.

Jessica's Story

Jessica was born Oct 27th, 1987. She was the last addition to our family. Her brother was 7 years older then her. Between her father, her brother and I she got a lot of attention. We had so much to be thankful for. She was a very sensitive child. She would tell us everything she was thinking good or bad. She would tell us. She couldn't keep it inside, and she couldn't tell a lie. I admired that about her. As she got older she still had that in her. It never went away.


I'm writing about my daughter's death. Why, I ask myself, should I have to do this, but then again I want you to know about her life.


It's been eight years since the accident that took you away from us. We have gone through so much since that day and it's still a constant question of why this happened. I guess we will never know and that is something that we will have to live with until death finds us. I do not like that word DEATH. I was raised to believe that only our body dies and the soul passes from this world to the next. When I lost Jessica that is the only time I questioned this. Sometimes life is hard but we live on the promises of our lord Jesus Christ. We will be together again. I think alot about that. How great it will be. When we are going through our sad moments through our days, we remind ourselves we are to act in a way that honor's our daughter's memory. It took us a while to get there, but we had to make sure Jessica's memory live's on.

Thank you for visiting Jessica This site is dedicated to the memory of Jessica Matlock, who was tragically killed in a car accident on June 20th, 2005. This site was made to help Jessica's family and friends keep her memory alive. Feel free to sign the guest book, or send an email to Jessica's family at If you have any pictures of Jessica you would like to donate to the website, please send them to

If you would like to support "Buckle Up for Jessica Matlock", send an email to or write to:

Buckle Up for Jessica Matlock

71 Tyne Ave.

Bowling Green, KY 42101


Poems for Jessica

by Farinna

As the phone rings I answer it, I find a voice so weak on the other end, They called me to tell me, My friend is dead, As the tears run down my cheeks, As the memories roll through my head, I want to say good-bye, But I don’t know how, I wish you weren't gone, But someone ended your life, I want to say good-bye, But I don’t want you to be gone, I love you with all my heart, Always have, And always will, I love you friend, You will always make me grin Read More