Primary Seatbelt Law Signing

BOWLING GREEN, KY (May 5, 2006) -- Ben and Brenda Matlock look on as Governor Ernie Fletcher signs the primary seatbelt law into legislation on April 24, 2006 at the Life Saver's Conference held in Louisville last week. The Matlocks lost their daughter last summer in a car accident and are advocates for the primary seatbelt law. Jessica was not buckled up. “People just don’t realize how quickly things can change and then it’s too late,” said Matlock. “My wife and I struggle every day with the realization that our beautiful girl is gone and we can’t do anything to bring her back. Parents should make every effort to have their children wear a seatbelt.”

Kentucky currently has one of the highest teen crash rates in the nation. Highway Safety Manager for Traffic Operations in Frankfort, Boyd Sigler said, "Teenage drivers account for only 6 percent of the state's driving population, yet they are involved in about 18 percent of fatal crashes in Kentucky.

Until now, Kentucky was one of 29 states without a primary seatbelt law. Research from the University of Kentucky's Transportation Center found that the passage of this legislation will result in 62 fewer fatalities and 388 fewer incapacitation spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. House Bill 117 also includes a provision which requires children under the age of 16 to wear helmets when riding an all terrain vehicle. The bill also expands testing for lead and other health problems affecting children.

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Poems for Jessica

by Farinna

As the phone rings I answer it, I find a voice so weak on the other end, They called me to tell me, My friend is dead, As the tears run down my cheeks, As the memories roll through my head, I want to say good-bye, But I don’t know how, I wish you weren't gone, But someone ended your life, I want to say good-bye, But I don’t want you to be gone, I love you with all my heart, Always have, And always will, I love you friend, You will always make me grin Read More